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NEW CONTEST $700 Up for Grabs!!!

Our Twitter shilling contest is live! For 7 Days! Starting May 20th

Raid top twitter influencers: (If you have others, let us know and we will add them to this list)

@CryptoGodJohn @CryptoWendyO @barkmeta @cryptojourneyrs @ShmooNFT @3orovik @jessepollak @Ralvero @1CrypticPoet @JakeGagain @wallstreetbets @MartiniGuyYT @blknoiz06 @elonmusk @Poe_Ether @gandalfcryptto @1goonrich @IHunt100xGems @rovercrc @kyle_chasse @crypto_bitlord7 @CrashiusClay69 @Bayc364 @crypto_birb @MonstersCoins @Overdose_AI @WatcherGuru @cryptoskullx @CryptoKaduna

Please find their most RECENT posts to reply to. Do not reply to OLD posts (ex: more than 6 hrs old).
We want the highest visibility possible.
Post what you love about $BSB in their comments, use an existing $BSB meme image or video, OR make a new one.

Use our hashtags: $BSB #BasedStreetBets #BasedStBets Be sure to Tag our twitter handle @BasedStBets .

Only write something organic, DON'T just copy and paste the same comment. Drop the links in a .TXT or .DOCX file and email them to basedstbets at the end of the competition. We will give everyone 1 hr to email these files to us daily after the competition closes. (Be sure to include your TG and X handles in the email)


Drop all links to your comments in this TG channel so we can choose random posts to RAID!!! Contest ends in 24 hours - Tuesday May 22nd 1pm EST / 5pm UTC. The person that replies the most receives $100 dollars in $BSB tokens.


We will be running this every 24 hours for the next 7 days! (In the event of a tie, we will draw a name on video to select the winner) FIND OUR ASSETS TO USE HERE: (Feel free to make new $BSB memes as well)


Reminders: Reply to Recent Posts: Only respond to posts that are less than 6 hours old for better visibility. You must REPLY to one of accounts listed in the pinned post, if you would like us to add other influencers let us know! USE different $BSB Memes. We have so many in the resource channel. LFG!!!

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